Mischak Rivera, Head Coach/Programmer
Mischak is not just strong, he's smart! He is a graduate of Eastern Connecticut State University with a degree in Sport & Leisure Management with a concentration in Exercise Science. He grew up in an athletic household where he was the fifth of eight children. He pursued many different sports from a young age and excelled in soccer and wrestling in high school. While in college, Mischak found CrossFit and was immediately drawn to its principles of fitness. Mischak is not only an amazing coach but a high level competitive CrossFitter. He has found a passion for helping others improve their fitness by his own positivity. He brings years of experience of managing a CrossFit gym and a countless amount of knowledge of health and wellness to our Aspinock community. He is a great asset to the Aspinock team and is excited to help all its members on their own personal fitness journey.

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​B.S Exercise Science 
Shawn Deary, Supporting Coach, Partner
Jessica Deary, Supporting Coach, Partner
Jill Schneider, Supporting Coach, Partner
​​Born and raised in Putnam, Shawn has strong ties and a true love for the Putnam community. He is part of the Putnam Fire Department, Board of Finance, and is the Putnam high school boy varsity basketball coach. Shawn found CrossFit 6 years ago and has had a passion for it ever since, becoming a coach in 2014. Shawn takes every chance he gets to educate himself to become a better coach all for the benefit of the Aspinock community. He is a part owner of CrossFit Aspinock.​​

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In 2005, she completed her veterinary technician certification specializing in surgery. She worked as a surgical technician at a specialty animal hospital for 9 years. Four years ago, she shifted her career to sales, now working at Everost, a veterinary orthopedic and instrument company as their east coast sales specialist. She found CrossFit in 2014, and it quickly became a passion and lifestyle, becoming a coach in 2016. She competes on a team with the goal to make it to regionals in 2018. She is a part owner of CrossFit Aspinock.​​
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CrossFit Gymnastics
Jill received her BA in English from Cedarville University in 1987. After school, her work experience included banking, apartment management and running her own home-based business for 10 years. Additionally, she has spent the last 22 years raising and homeschooling her three children. She has been crossfitting since 2014, becoming a coach in 2016. She is a part owner of CrossFit Aspinock.

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Dr. Alison Monette, Supporting Coach, Partner
John Schneider, Partner
Christopher Pomposelli, Supporting Coach, Partner
John is a 1989 graduate of Illinois State University with a BS in Chemistry.  As an entrepreneur, he has been a business owner in the Quite Corner of Connecticut since 1993.  As the owner and founder of Air Tox Environmental, he oversees business development in the core area of the company’s business of integrating continuous air pollution monitoring systems.  As a technology inventor, he holds multiple U.S. and international patents for intelligent air pollution control devices used to control air emissions from biomass combustion devices.  These patents are the basis of his other business ventures located in Putnam which include, ClearStak, LLC, and Biomass Controls, LLC a company that builds biogenic processing systems that turn human waste into biochar.  John started enjoying CrossFit in 2014.
Upon completion of medical training in 2006, Dr. Monette founded Avena Integrative Medical Center in Putnam. In the last 10 years, the practice has grown to become one of the premiere Naturopathic Medical Centers in New England which now includes 4 Physicians, 1 Nurse Practitioner, a Lab Service Center and an Integrative Pharmacy Store. Her passion is to support her patient/client community in achieving their optimum health status. She begain CrossFit in 2014, becoming a coach in 2016. She is a part owner of CrossFit Aspinock.

CrossFit Level 1 

In 2006, seeing an opportunity in the recycled metal industry, he co-founded Pomposelli Trucking, LLC with his father and operated this business for 9 years.  In 2014, he joined the Avena Integrative Medical Center team, being integral to the start of the Avena Integrative Pharmacy.  In 2015, he sold the business to fully join his other family business and to also be a caregiver for his daughter. He continues to manage both. He started CrossFit in 2014, becoming a coach in 2016. He is a part owner of CrossFit Aspinock.​

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